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Tea Tree Cica Cooling Sun Stick 22g
What is it? A sun stick helps to Improvement and soothing effect on skin irritation caused by UV rays. It is a moisture-based sunscreen with less stickiness and oily. Key features The sun stick delivers cooling effects and leaves no...
Tea Tree Cica Tone Up Sun Cushion 15g
What is it? A sun cushion infused with Tea Tree extract and Centella Asiatica extract. It helps to soothe sensitive skin and cover redness while protecting the skin from UV rays. Key features The product tones up skin without leaving...
Tea Tree Cica Soothing Sun Cream 50ml
What is it? Daily moisturizing sunscreen with no white cast! Tea Tree Cica Soothing Sunscreen is as light as applying moisturizing cream and is suitable for trouble-prone skin and sensitive skin. Key features The product absorbs well without leaving sticky...
Tea Tree Cica Soothing Toner 250ml
What is it? A soothing toner that high content (50%) of Tea tree carefully extracted from Jeju Island. Minimized the number of ingredients to lessen skin irritation and only focus on the benefits of Tea tree and Cica to skin...
Tea Tree Cica Soothing Cream 100ml
What is it? A soothing cream that helps calm skin irritation with refreshing and moisturizing finish. Key features Helps balance moisture level on the skin. Revitalizes dull skin with its brightening effects. Helps strengthen the skin barrier
Tea Tree Cica S.O.S Spot Serum 13mL Double Set (+ Spot Patch)
What is it? A supercharged formulated with a Tea Tree & derma-clera that targets and reduces the look of dark spots and pigmentation. Key features Soothes the trouble skin and controls excess sebum and dead skin cells. Hypoallergenic test completed....
Tea Tree Cica Soothing Cream & Toner set
What is it? Includes 2 items : 1 Tea Tree Cica Soothing Cream, 1 Tea Tree Soothing Toner. AHA, Tea Tree Centella Asiatica Extract help the skin soothe and remove sebum and dead skin. And it's effective for sensitive skin....
Tea Tree 90% Fresh Mask
What is it? A mask packed with Tea Tree help reduce inflammation and acne skin. Key features Calming & Moisturizing Vegan Certified: Lyocell 100% Sheet, adheres tightly to the skin, boasts a very thin and soft texture, is much lighter...
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