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Bamboo Hyalu Hydrating Toner 250ml
What is it? A hydrating toner enriched with 70% bamboo sap, this toner immediately delivers deeply hydrating effects.Bamboo sap (rich in minerals such as calcium and potassium) nourishes skin, strengthens the skin barrier, and maintains its moisture levels. Key features...
Tea Tree Cica Soothing Toner 250ml
What is it? A soothing toner that high content (50%) of Tea tree carefully extracted from Jeju Island. Minimized the number of ingredients to lessen skin irritation and only focus on the benefits of Tea tree and Cica to skin...
Tea Tree Cica Soothing Cream & Toner set
What is it? Includes 2 items : 1 Tea Tree Cica Soothing Cream, 1 Tea Tree Soothing Toner. AHA, Tea Tree Centella Asiatica Extract help the skin soothe and remove sebum and dead skin. And it's effective for sensitive skin....
Artemisia Calming Balance Toner 270ml
What is it? A calming toner infused with Artemisia Capillaris Thunberg extract. It's effective in soothing your skin and enhancing your skin barrier, revitalizing your skin. Key features A low-pH hypoallergenic toner that contains the Artemisia Capillaris Thunberg extract obtained...
Carrot Vita Toner Pad (60 ea)
What is it? A toner pad helps to even out skin tone and smoothen skin texture to create spotless and bright skin. Key features Moisturizes the skin to make it youthful and supple. Gently exfoliates and boosts skincare without irritation....
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